About the authors

Simon Robinson leads the Future Interaction Technology Lab at Swansea University. His work so far has focused on mobile technologies that allow people to immerse themselves in the places, people, and events around them, rather than just in their mobile devices. Simon is an avid rock climber, and loves the fact that being outdoors doesn’t need a touch screen to make you feel full of life. More at simon.robinson.ac

Gary Marsden was a professor of computer science at the University of Cape Town, pioneer and passionate advocate of HCI for development, and community builder. He became internationally known for his work in mobile interface design and ICT for development (ICT4D), for which he was a recipient of the ACM SIGCHI’s Social Impact Award in 2007. Gary died suddenly of a heart attack on December 27, 2013, and is survived by his wife Gil and his two children, Holly and Jake. More at Gary Marsden Student Developmment Fund

Matt Jones is a professor and Head of the College of Science, Swansea University. His research work focuses on human-centered computing with particular emphasis on mobile and ubiquitous computing and resource-constrained communities in regions such as India and South Africa. In his spare time he tries to live life face on with his energetic family, and enjoys nothing more than an exhilarating early morning cycle ride to the glorious beaches of the Gower. More at undofuture.com

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