Press and endorsements for There’s Not an App for That

“…fascinating and thought-provoking…provides a rich collection of different ways of thinking about the design of mobile devices.”

From Avoiding Narcissus: Finding inspiration in Unusual Places, a review of the book in UXPA magazine by Susan Dray, leading UX professional and president of Dray & Associates

“Designers take note: this book will guide you to creating the next generation of viral must-have apps. The bright light of fresh design thinking reveals that there is lots more to be done with our smartphones, tablets, and personal media. I’m charmed by the big ideas and promising technologies that will make our lives better, our relationships more fulfilling, and our communities more connected.”

Ben Shneiderman, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland Human-Computer Interaction Lab; coauthor of Designing the User Interface: Strategies for Effective Human-Computer Interaction

“The authors have served up a fresh and exciting challenge for designers, students and researchers, inviting them to dare to think differently. Instead of simply following the default framing of technological design in terms of yet another ‘looking down’ app they ask the reader to look up and around them and be inspired by how we actually live our lives when ‘out there’, app-less. They bring them into this new world order using their inimitable style that has become their hallmark: witty, provocative, engaging and highly accessible. The book draws on many insightful examples and before–their-time, at-the-edge research projects, widening the scope of topics to include food, fashion, new materials and the art of being more mindful. The secret, it seems, to creating the next generation of technologies that is not another app is to make us feel truly alive by capitalizing on how we use all of our senses in the world.”

Yvonne Rogers, Professor and Director of the University College London Interaction Centre; coauthor of Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction

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